Experiencing a PCA psychotherapy session

Experiencing and sharing around a person-centred interview

Thomas Noyer

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 7.15 to 8pm UTC+1 (London) (Rest of Europe 8:15-9pm / New York 2:15-3pm / Los Angeles 11:15-noon). These sessions are intended for people interested in the person-centred approach, and take place via Zoom videoconference.

The first session has not yet been held.

Where is my timezone?


The idea is to help students and other interested people to get acquainted with what a person-centred interview (and especially a first interview) is, by experiencing a psychotherapy session first-hand.

I do an interview with a volunteer (~20 minutes) and then there is a time to share the experience and/or theory (~15 minutes).

These sessions are free (free contribution). There is no need to be present regularly or to announce yourself, you can come as you feel like it.

If you wish to come for supervision or didactic psychotherapy, this is also possible.


NB: I try to follow the philosophy of Carl Rogers as I have assimilated it, but I cannot do otherwise than to appropriate it and adapt it to who I am. I believe, like Einstein, that example is the real teaching, even when it is dissuasive. My way of working is therefore one example among others. May it inspire you to discover yourself in your uniqueness!

This offer also exists in French

How much does it cost?


It is free, the aim being to give students access to the practice of the profession.
If you feel like contributing financially I would be very grateful, and here are my bank details:

Thomas Noyer
Rue Georges-Auguste Matile 19
2000 Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise
2001 Neuchâtel
IBAN CH1800766000101987885
Clearing 766

You can also contribute by Twint (078 790 45 65)

How can I participate?


Just click on this link a few minutes before the meeting to join us:


Meeting ID: 632 057 8538
Password: sens


Please log in a few minutes before the meeting – if I’m in the session I might not be available to welcome you in the group.

On request I will include you in a mailing list to be notified a few days before the next meeting, or in case of cancellation.